Reading Readiness and Initial Reading
Laying a Strong Foundation for Reading in Pre-school Kids

As a group, teachers have been quite vocal in their opposition to parents teaching their pre-school children to read at home. One argument frequently advanced by teachers is that many parents are not trained to teach reading. Others claim that a child who wants to learn to read before he enters school will not be harmed much, if at all, through lack of professional training in the field of reading by his tutor, his parents. If preschool reading instruction is proved to be desirable then it may well be the job of the school to provide parents with information on the subject. A number of studies have been made in this area. In one investigation of children who learned to read before entering school parents reported that these children, many of whom were of average intelligence, frequently asked questions about names on street signs and automobiles as well as words in books that they and others read to them. Some of these children showed much interest in writing and in the sound of letters contained in words.

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