Stategies for Achieving Millennium Development Goals through Literacy in Nigerian Languages
Garba D. Gamiu and NkechiAdiele
. National Education Research and Development Council, Shcda — Abuja

This presentation viewed literacy from the functional point of view where the utility value of literacy is considered in relation to how it changes the life of its beneficiaries: The paper underscored functional literacy as it affects basic
literacy, post literacy and vocational education in relation to the medium in which(her are dispensed, the Nigerian languages. The paper discussed the millennium development goals (MDGs) relating them to the goals of functional literacy. The paper then narrowed its discussion on the strategies/”or achieving the Millennium Development Goals (‘MDGs) in Nigeria through literacy in Nigerian languages.These strategies are situated within the ideological model of literacy, under which literacy is considered as not confined only to the acquisition of literacy skills (the.3st or events, but also socio—cultural, economic and political values.

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