Sustaining Peace in Nigeria Through Literacy Education
Ajayi, chdokun Samuel
College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti
oyedokuns@ymail. com
Phone Nos: 07032924048, 080583 755 71
Dada Talabi Henry
College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti
Hetada62@yahoo. com
Phone Nos: 08073802591, 08066486148

Peace is a global issue that every meaningful nation strives to achieve for national development. Nigeria as a nation is not an exempted. She needs relative peace to discharge her responsibilities and to compete favourably with other countries in the world. This however becomes difficult because of the high level of corruption that has ravaged the country with its attendant consequences coupled with religious intolerance among Nigeria, most especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria. The paper assesses these ravaging factors and proffer solution for the attainment of peace using literacy education as a viable tool to inculcate the right attitude and values for both human and natural
resources to pave way for development, patriotism and political stability.

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