A combination of individual sounds makes up words in any language. The utterance of such words in that language is referred to as “Pronunciation”. This pronunciation in any language is the basis of reading. It is therefore very important that it should be introduced properly at the Nursery School level. The Ibibio language (and its varieties) is spoken in Akwa Ibom State as a first language. This, of course, creates a different situation from the English Language which is spoken as a second language in the same locality. However, learning to read the two languages poses more or less the same problems. How does a child who already speaks Ibibio language fluently at three years reconcile the spoken Ibibio sounds wi th their graphic representations? This paper attempts to make a case not only for the introduction of this aspect of reading in Ibibio, but also to put up strategies for the teaching of the initial reading in the Ibibio language using the phonic method.