It is important for students to be able to read effectively because the inability of a student to comprehend what he reads severely limits his chances of success at school. There are many factors that hinder comprehension. Basic among these are difficult vocabulary, word length and sentence length. Modern researchers have also found that the structure of a text influences the difficulty of a text. Research has proved that when students understand the organisational patterns of a text, they tend to read
and understand more successfully. So they advocate guiding students to use
organisational patterns in reading by demonstrating the use of patterns and provide illustrative pattern guide. Organisational patterns may be referred to as cues authors provide to mark important ideas. The experience got from text types and the background knowledge in various topics help readers differentiate salient information (Winograd & Bridge, 1986).
Recognising the organisation of a text is an effective strategy for effective reading. This also affects the amount of information the reader remembers. When passages have explicit organisational patterns, which are hierarchically related, recall is enhanced.