This study investigated the effect of cultural medium of presentation,
language, and sequence of cultural/foreign and first-language/second-Language presentation on the literal and interpretative comprehensionĀ  of form I (seventh grade ) bilingual Nigerian students. Data was analyzed using ANOVA, previous studiesconcerning schema theories were upheld in that the present results for experinent I revealed signiflcantly superior scores for culturally related English language text when compared with scores for foreign-based pasaages written in English. Experiment II Data also revealed similar results when the subjects were presented the same experitnent I foreign-based passages written in English and with translations of these English passages to the mother tongue. In spite of sequencing, scores were higher for the first-language passages. For both experiments, scores were higher at the literal level and sequencing was found to have no effect in enhancing comprehension of culturally
unfamiliar malerial.
This study was funded by a research grant awarded by Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.