The Role of Family Literacy in National Peace and Development
Angela Ebele Okpala (Ph.D)
Principal Librarian
National Open University of Nigerta WOUN)
Phone number: 08052495259

Literacy is so closely linked to all aspects of life, including national peace, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without these skills. The family is a primary agent of socialization because a child learns his social responsibilities first from his family Whatever value an individual has is believed to be a reflection of his family values. Family literacy services provide a holistic, fully integrated, family-focused approach, providing parents and children most in need of improving their literacy skills with intensive, frequent and long-term educational and non—educational services. Family literacy helps to prepare young members of the society for adulthood and enables them to see themselves as being responsible for the progress or the social ills of the society Research on
development confirms the integration of values through relationships, observation, and demonstration. Children learn to he peaceful and non-violent by having other people demonstrate what it is to be peaceful It is in this light therefore. that this work, seeks to sensitize the populace on the role of family literacy in fostering national peace and development. The root causes of violence in Nigeria were highlighted. Suggestions were made on the strategies to be employed in restoring enduring peace to the nation.



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