The Role of Reading in Integrated Language Teaching Programmes
I.A. Olaafe

Reading is a language activity that has been used to achieve various objectives or develop a variety of skills. Calver (1978: 294) gives a fairly long list of the skills reading may develop:
the ability to discover specific facts; ability to see the writer’s point of view; the ability to read at a reasonable speed, e.g. not less than 200 words per minute; ability to vary this speed according to the nature of material one is reading;
ability to infer meaning of unknown words from the context, instead of resorting to dictionary; ability to read extended pieces of writing without undue fatigue; the acquisition of reading as a habit; the ability to see how one part of the text relates to another; ability to visualize what is described in words; the ability to note the significance of such logical expressions┬á and finally ; ‘ ability to respond silently with one’s own opinions to the expressed View of the writer; and ability to grasp the gist of what is read.

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