The Role of Translation in Literacy for Education.
Mr. J. Ka-anayo, Okeke

Education involves among others, information and enlightenment by means of whatever medium of communication: electronic media (radio, television, films and sound recording) or the print media (books, newspaper and magazines) and in whatever language (English, Hausa, lgbo. Yoruba etc.).‘This makes translation come into play in literature for education. A lot of materials and information are today locked up in languages that are inaccessible to a great number of Nigerians who though literate in their mother-tongues are in English, French, or other modern languages.In order to unlock this mass of information which is necessary for the education of the masses. a systematic translation into indigenous languages of education and educational books and documents will certainly go a long way in the education of many more Nigerians who are disadvantaged for being literate only in their mother-tongues. In this way, literacy in one’s mother tongue will give one equal access to knowledge, information and enlightenment as any other language will do.

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