This paper discusses the writer’s interaction with some families, in the course of which members of the family got to see the wisdom of buying brand new items with manuals that give directions for usage, maintenance, periodic servicing, right places to obtain spare parts when necessary.
Wit/z proper following of the directions and instructions given in the manuals, the items lasted longer than previous items that were bought either brand new without manuals or fairly used and sold, thus coming without manuals. In later discussions with the members of the families, the financial gains trade as regards the conservation of funds was weighed against the trouble taken to read through the directions and instructions given in the manuals before using the items, to ensure right and proper usage of the items. There was a general agreement that in the long run, the gains far outweighed the trouble. The experience of learning the right use of items throng/1 written and illustrated instructions and directions was transferred to other situations. Some members began to buy books on arts and crafts, hobbies like running a poultry and making children’s clothes, and started to learn these arts, crafts and hobbies from the instructions and illustrations iii the books. The practice of these arts, crafts and hobbies in the home also help to conserve family funds.