Using Literature Circles to Increase Female Participation in Literacy Activities
Josephine Omoka Ameh
College of Education Kastina-Ala
Catherine Enayi Ochogwu
Faculty of Education, Benue State University, Makurdi.

This paper sets out to illustrate how literature circles as a strategy could be employed to boost adult female participation in literacy activities. Illiteracy is still widespread among rural women who constitute a bulk of Nigeria adult population despite efforts by local and international organizations to scale up female literacy level in the country Unless reflective and relevant literacy instructional strategies are adopted at the grassroots, a lot of adult females will continue to be excluded from participating in literacy activities. By implication.Nigeria will fail to meet the Education For All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target of achieving a 50% improvement in adult
literacy, particularly women, in 2015. Literature circles as a strategy incorporates principles of cooperative and group discussion which rural women have prior knowledge through their communal living and membership of various
social and religious groups. Using the literature circles strategy with this category of women may thus be both relevant and effective in increasing their participation in literacy activities that are organized within and outside of school contexts. Literacy instructors would do well to adopt literature circles strategy at the grassroots so as to empower rural women to cast of their illiterate status and cast literate status for themselves in the near future.

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