Utilization of Comprehension Matrix as a Tool for Designing Reading Comprehension in Nigerian Schools
Amechi U. Enyi
Department of English Language and Literature
Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki
and .
John S. Ereke
Department of Arts and Social Science Education
Ebonyi State University. Abakaliki

The focus of this study is to examine the importance of utilization of comprehension matrix as a too/for designing reading comprehension in Nigerian school system. In any reading activity, comprehension is always the primary aim.
When comprehension is lost, reading exercise becomes a mere play without focus. Matrix is an object which a teacher could use to make his learner understand what a topic in question is all about. A mental picture is created when a matrix is used to illustrate a topic of a lesson to the learner thus making concrete the abstract nature of a lesson. The study is carried out against the background of the observed paucity of the use of comprehension matrix at the class room level in the Nigerian school system. The study, from the back cloth of schema, transactional and constructivist theories of comprehension, recommends the use and application of matrix in comprehension teaching and learning to enhance learners ’comprehension across school subjects.

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