Women and Language Use for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Nigeria
Abosede Adebola Otemuyiwa
Joseph Ayo Babalola University
Osun State.
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Eyeh Stephen
Joseph Ayo Babalola University
Osun State.

This paper examines women 3‘ use of language towards the achievement ofpeace at the socio —cultural and political levels. Women ’s temper evolving conflicts in social settings such as in the home, the church, mosques, contemporary political settings andforeseen crisis through counselling and advocacy, which are both oral and written. The paper analyzes one ofthe speeches ofthe First Lady of Nigeria, (Dn) Mrs. Dame Patience Jonathan on peace. It also explores some Yoruba traditional praise chants used by women to douse their husbands ’
anger thereby bringing about peaceful resolution of imminent conflicts in the home. In addition, Akochi Adimora 7 Ezeigbos novel, The Last ofthe Strong Ones and William Shakespeare s Coriolanus are analyzed toforeground how women brokered peace in the colonial times in Aflica and during the Elizabethan period respectively Both Halliday ‘s interpersonal metafunction and semiotics are theoreticalframeworks in the analysis ofthis paper. In conclusion, the women ’s actions are seen to be persuasive through dialogue. creation ofawarenessforpeace and mediation in volatile situations. They are pre-emptive in order to forestall the consequences of conflicts such as battering, war: arson, among others, since they bear the brunt as widows, Thus, we are able to bring out women ’s roles towards achieving
peace in the African traditional set—up, the 1 7’’1 century Elizabethanperiod, early 20’” century colonial period in Africa and contemporary times ofBoko Haram in Nigeria in the 21‘” century. The paper therefore recommends the inclusion oftraditional values ofpraise chants by women to douse tension, dialoguefor peaceful resolution ofconflicts andpersuasive use oflanguage in addition to written messages as mediafor achieving peace.
Keywords: Literacy, Women, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Advocacy Peace.

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