Writing Skills Development Strategies and Junior Secondary
Students’ Achievement in Composition
Chinwe A. Muodumogu (PILD)
Department ofCurriculum & leaching
Faculty ofEducation
Bentte State University Makttrdi, Nigeria
Email: chitonia90@)v’ahoo. com, cmiuidumogu@readingass0eiatian.org. rig
Terumbur Agnes Yisa
Government College Makurdi

This study investigated the effects of writing skills development strategies on JS [1 students’ achievement in composition in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State. Simple random sampling technique was used to select two schools/or the study. The sample consisted of 120students who were grouped into experimental and control groups. The two groups were given pretest and post test. The experimental group was taught essay writing using Writing Skills Development Strategies (WSDS). The control group was taught rising conventional method. Two research questions and five hypotheses guided the study. Writing Achievement Test (WAT) was used to collect data. The data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation for the research questions andANC0VA for the hypotheses. Results showed that the experimental group who were taught essay writing using WSDS achieved significantly better titan the control group who were taught writing using the conventional method. Also, there was no significant difference across gender using the WSDS. It was, therefore. recommended among others, that students should be exposed to writing skills development strategies to enhance their achievement in essay writing. Government agencies and non—governmental organizations. Institutes of Education and other professional bodies should encourage iii—service seminars and workshops for English language teachers on effective strategies of teaching writing.

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